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Our services range from complete Web Development to assistance in design, functionality, cross-platform compatibility, or even simply HTML, graphics, CGI, javascript and Wordpress Integration consulting and Section 508 compliance (accessibility).

Christmas Jug Band
The Christmas Jug Band

"The kings of 100% acoustic folk-skiffle-swing holiday highjinks." Stalwart purveyors of the jugabilly mystique!
  • Javascript mouseover navigation elements.
  • Embedded youTube videos.
  • Economically simple.
  • Optimized media for fast loading even with poor bandwidth.
  • Intuitive text navigation colors.

Hot House Swing Band
Hot House Swing Band

Northern California Retro-swing combo:
  • Mp3 audio.
  • Javascript mouseover navigation elements.
  • Embedded youTube videos.
  • Economically simple.

Maverick sails the world
Maverick sails the world!

Follow along the amazing journey of this crew of 2:
  • Javascript Mouseovers
  • Owner-controllable email to web page conversion and installation
  • Photo gallery and world map drill downs

Village Music
Village Music Record Store

Colorful specialty site utilizing:
  • Javascript Audio & Animation Mouseover
  • Javascript Browser Sensing & Optimizing
  • Audio, QuickTime Video, & Gif89a Animations
  • CGI guest book
  • CGI counter and companion access analysis

Globe Records
Globe Records Sound & Vision CyberLounge

Fully implemented entertainment ecommerce site utilizing:
  • Javascript / CCS Layered Tabbed browsing
  • Perl / Filemaker Pro Shopping Cart system
  • Audio & Video
  • Multi-hundred file site management
  • Accurate access counter with visitation analysis
  • Local Site Search Engine
  • Also features auto-updating special-ordering database
    (City Hall Records, with a huge artist list)
    Top 5 percent
Point Survey Top 5% Web Award, 4-star Netguide rating, Marin Independent Journal's "Web of the Week", Magellan 3-Star rating.

"Excellent web site - well designed, attractive and good performance. Good ecommerce web sites are hard to find." - Robert Bismuth, Meta-Search Service
-- Music! Books! Movies!

Colorful entertainment search service featuring:
  • Multiple-Forum Bulletin Board Service
  • Live CGI search of multiple web resources
  • Reformatting of outside queries for consistency and speed
  • CGI forms, counter and companion access analysis
  • Javascript-disabled browser tracking Link of the Week     Golden Web Awards Winner
Computer User Links of the Week winner & Golden Web Award recipient

Mystery Dance
Mystery Dance

Northern California Rock and Roll with Bonnie Hayes and Tim Eschliman:
  • Songlist, Photo Gallery.
  • Facebook share linkage.
  • Economically simple.

Reference Site For LP Record Collectors Featuring:
  • Excel database integration
  • javascript-enabled images and audio

New Copasetics
New Copasetics

Rock/Pop/Americana with a little bit of soul:
  • Songlist, MP3 Audio.
  • Economically simple.

Somatics Educational Resources
Somatics Educational Resources

Health Oriented Site Featuring:
  • Custom Icons
  • Recurrence of Buttons for fast sub-page loading
  • Affordable Starter-Site Layout

Johnny Nocturne
Johnny Nocturne

Local Swing, R&B little big band:
  • 3D Gradient-Style Background Graphics
  • Variety of audio formats: Shockwave, Sun .au, etc.
  • Owner-editable performance schedule page.

Maria Muldaur
Maria Muldaur

The Renowned blues-pop diva:
  • Owner-editable performance schedule page.
  • Affiliate program set-up assistance.


American Roots Rhythm & Blues combo:
  • Variety of audio formats: Shockwave, Sun .au, etc.
  • QuickTime Movies.

Michael Peloquin
Michael Peloquin

Fabulous saxophonist & harmonica player:
  • Owner-editable performance schedule page.
  • Variety of audio formats: Shockwave, Sun .au, QuickTime, etc.

Additional web developments of note: Additional web co-developments of note:
  • Team ProEvent

  • Stevie Hawaii

  • SBS Partners - executive recruiting and placement

  • Worlds Records
    Conversion of Filemaker Pro database to cgi-based shopping cart system

  • Museum Tools

  • Those Darn Accordions

  • Trident Services

  • Lovin-Spoonful Catering
    • Perl ordering system integrated with .asp & Access
    • Verisign secure order processing setup and integration

  • Sage Systems, Inc
    • HTML conversion of graphics concepts
    • Browser-compatibility
    • Palm OS and Cell Phone web page development.

  • In The Money - CyberCash implementation

  • Brainshirts - Intellipay secure ordering implementation

  • The Kingsley Group - secure ordering implementation of Anacom

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